We offer many different types of flex hoses with different temperature tolerances ranging from 300°F to 2,000°F.  Custom diameters and lengths are available upon request.

We also offer the complete line of crush-resisting products. This includes hoses which are perfect for car garages, dealerships and body shops. Indeed, they are made of flexible rubber to resist failure when run over by vehicles.


We offer tailpipe adapters that are adjustable to vertical stacks of any height & diameter and to horizontal tailpipes of any shape & dimensions.  We also offer the specially conceived adapters with internal gripper for tailpipe that are concealed or sunk into the bumper. The adapters can be made of galvanized steel, stainless steel, or be customized.


Series 5000 gas detectors are designed to continuously send gas measurements to programmable logic devices, ventilation controls and computers.

The units can operate in stand-alone mode with 3 adjustable output relays, or together as part of a twisted pair network for shared functions.  Any of the sensors connected can be assigned the task of controlling alarms and ventilators so a central controller is not necessary.

A model 5000 uses a plug-in sensor module chosen for the target gas.  These inexpensive plug-and-play units contain a memory module with the gas type, scale and calibration settings.

Sensors are mounted in a robust water proof enclosure.




Clamp together ducting is applicable in virtually any dust collection system from wood to paper to chemical. And it is also used in fume and oil mist collection. Even abrasive applications can be accommodated. The standard K&B Clamp Together/Quick Clamp Duct branches and fittings are fabricated from 18-gauge material as a standard and can be fabricated in up to 10-gauge. Likewise, elbows and duct can also be fabricated in 10-gauge for use in such applications as sand, coal or other abrasive applications.


We offer a full line of high quality aftermarket parts at competitive prices. Our knowledgeable customer service department provides trouble-shooting advice, problem solving assistance, and technical support to meet all of your needs.


We carry a full line of filters for commercial and industrial applications ranging from paint and spray booths, HVAC systems, commercial and industrial air cleaners as well as dust collection and mist collection systems

Disposable-type polyester and fiberglass panel filters; polyester ring panels and links; pleated panel filters; bag filters; high-efficiency filters; HEPA and DOP filters; steel and aluminum filters, as well as a variety of filter medias, including polyester, fiberglass, washable foam, charcoal, activated carbon.

We offer many mist and dust related filtration products, including replacement filters for most OEM’s or custom designs as well.

We also carry a full assortment of filter bags for bag houses, cabinet bags as well as cylindrical cartridge filters.



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