The goal of a vehicle exhaust extraction system is to efficiently capture exhaust fumes at the source and to effectively exhaust them from the building. These exhaust extraction systems help improve the health and safety of the work environment and are ideal for garage exhaust.



Hose reel systems

These are the latest trend in managing flexible hose drops in local vehicle exhaust systems. Practical, durable and esthetically attractive, these devices can be operated manually, electrically or even remotely! In addition, exhaust fans can be singularly reel-mounted. Commonly seen in maintenance shops for light trucks, vehicle testing bays, large utility vehicles, military vehicles and specialized applications.

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Sliding rail systems

The sliding rail system is made up of an aluminum rail that is fixed to the ceiling above the service bays, and sliding ventilation crabs to which an exhaust hose and tailpipe adapter are attached.  The crab can be repositioned anywhere along the rail in order to be used in any work bay and pushed out of the way when needed.  Additional ventilation crabs can be added as needed.

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Cord and pulley systems

The cord and pulley system is the most cost-effective way to manage flexible hose drops in a vehicle exhaust extraction system. Widely used in maintenance shops for passenger cars, light trucks, utility vehicles and the like. Mechanical installation of this system requires physical access to roof trusses and/or solid structures.

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Spring recoil balancers systems

The spring recoil balance system is a highly practical way of managing hose drops in a local vehicle exhaust system.  This type of system is commonly used in maintenance shops for passenger vehicles, light trucks and utility vehicles.  It is ideal for applications that have space restrictions or where esthetics are an important factor.

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In-ground exhaust systems


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Individual products and accessories

Flexible exhaust hoses, tailpipe adapters, gas detectors, blowers and many more. We offer individual parts and accessories for your exhaust extraction needs.

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