by | May 22, 2015 | Case studies

Texas Electronics was called by a Chrysler dealership North-East of Montreal. Here is the problem they were experiencing and how we fixed it….

Problem: Toxic dust in the work bay

With the elimination of brake lathe work being done in the garage in favor of “on vehicle” replacement, new problems have arrived with regards to the generation of toxic dust in the work bay. A Chrysler dealer North-East of Montreal called upon Texas Electronics for a solution to control the dust being encountered when the mechanic was performing such duties.

Solution: Max Mobilair for the capture and control of problematic dust

The MAX MOBILAIR, complete with integrated filter and self-supporting articulated arm, was found to be a cost effective and efficient solution for the capture and control of problematic dust. The adjustable hood can easily be positioned to draw particulate away from the breathing zone of the mechanic but yet give him unobstructed access to perform his duties. The MAX MOBILAIR conveniently operates on 115 volts so it can be connected to any standard electrical outlet. The unit is robust but yet easily moved around with its oversized castors.