Air stratification occurs when hot air rises up and gets trapped at the ceiling while cooler air sinks towards the floor. It can cause a temperature differential of up to 1°C per foot of height (example: up to a 25°C difference from floor to ceiling temperature in a 25 feet height building).

As a result of  air stratification, you are losing heat through your roof and your heating system works overtime to compensate for lost heat. Therefore, you are spending more money than necessary!

Uneven temperatures and cold corners that create uncomfrotable working areas are a by product of air stratification and inadequate air circulation.


We offer different systems to eliminate the differential of temperatures between floor to ceiling: this is called air destratification.

Destratification fans

The perfect solution to equalize floor to ceiling temperatures and reduce heat loss through the roof. They offer many advantages such as:

  • Comfortable work space
  • Substantial energy savings
  • Easy, low level installation
  • No duct work
  • Very quiet operation

These systems are revolutionizing the way air temperature equalization can be achieved!


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Make-up air units

These make-up air units are the most economical way that fresh air can be brought into a building to compensate for process exhaust, negative pressure or simply to complete an air change requirement. This system comprises a powerful inline fan-motor assembly, two modulating dampers and controls. The units economically reclaim heat trapped at the ceiling (roof) level and uses this free energy to preheat the incoming fresh air.


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Textile air tubes

These textile air tubes are the perfect complement for make-up air units. During operation, these fabric tubes drive the air along the pipeline and diffuse it evenly in any structure that requires air (swamp cooler, air conditioning, ventilation, heating or any combination of these), unlike metal ducts which only difuse air at specific points.


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