by | May 22, 2015 | Case studies

How to stop losing heat through your roof, equalize floor to ceiling temperatures and reduce energy costs? Here is how Texas Electronics helped a customer….

Problem: Unequal temperatures and elevated heating costs in the mechanical garage

Texas Electronics was called in by a Toyota dealer North of Montreal who were experiencing air circulation problems within the mechanical garage at their dealership. Workers were concerned with the uneven work level temperatures being experienced throughout the space, which had become a bit of a distraction. Ownership was concerned with these same issues as well as elevated heating costs due to heat built up at the roof level and the eventual loss of this heat source right through the roof. It is known that the major loss of energy in a building is through the roof. That is why it is critical to direct the hot pool of trapped air down to the floor level.

Solution: Destratification fans to recover heat trapped at the roof and minimize floor to ceiling temperature differential.

With the installation of a DESTRATAIR system installed by Texas Electronics, we were able to correct the air circulation problem previously experienced within the garage environment, and brought floor to ceiling temperatures to within 2°C difference and estimate a conservative savings of 20% of the direct heating costs. WIN-WIN… as we say!

Benefits of DESTRATAIR

Easy low level installation  •  Easy access for maintenance  •  Destratification to within 2°C  •  Reduced heating costs  •  Minimal drafts at floor level  •  Very quiet operation