It is important to make sure you have a good dust collector, fume extractor or mist control system to guarantee a healthy, safe and comfortable work environment. Texas Electronics offers different types of systems which allows us to find a solution for any application.


Source capture arms

Our source capture arm, the MAX FLEXAIR, is your solution for smoke, dust and mist extraction. Its counterbalanced design allows for an unparalleled ease of movement while ensuring a guaranteed positive positioning that does not sway or droop.

Unlike “conventional” arms constructed with extension springs, steel cables and friction, all of which are necessary in competitive products, the MAX FLEXAIR operates in a functional equilibrium or true balanced concept and consequently moves with ease and rests balanced when positioned.


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Portable air cleaner

Our portable air cleaner, the MAX MOBILAIR, offers you high filtration efficiency with the convenience of portability as these units can be moved as the workflow dictates. Conceived for the control of smoke and other airborne contaminants, the filter system is capable of capturing particles as small as .5 microns.

Robustly designed and constructed, the MOBILAIR will stand up and perform in the harshest environments and continue to offer the highest level of satisfaction throughout the life of the equipment.


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Downdraft tables

These self-contained downdraft tables, the MAX AIR-DD, offer extremely high capture velocities through a variation of surfaces to capture particles and smoke from a variety of applications ranging from sanding, welding, grinding, etc.

The MAX AIR – DD tables are available in both stationary and mobile arrangements, with varied table sizes, table top construction and performances to suit most applications.


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Power booths and modules

MAX AIR-EB Environmental Booths and independent Power Modules are designed to offer a workspace where source capture by conventional means is difficult or impossible. These stand alone environmental enclosures or independent modules can be designed to be booth-like in their construction in that they can comprise walls, ceiling, lighting and sound absorbing mats in addition to the highly advanced integral dust collection system for the control of dust, smoke and many other contaminants.


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Industrial air cleaner

Texas Electronics has been a leader in the air cleaning industry for over 13 years and now offers a media filter system to capture your airborne particulate. Texas Electronics offers 120 sq. ft. of secondary fiberglass filter plus optional 28 sq. ft. of primary filter while still moving 2400 cfm of clean air with a powerful belt driven motor blower assembly.


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Dust collectors

Our dust collectors, the MAX AIR – DC units, are designed primarily for the capture and control of dust, smoke and other airborne contaminants emanating from a wide range of production related applications.

Units range from 500 to 3,500 cfm with optional arrangements available which possibly include stand/hopper and drum, stand/cyclone and drum, suspended or stand-alone floor mount.


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Smoke control for cutting tables

This custom built system was originally designed and is suited for retrofit to plasma and oxy-acetylene cutting tables where water cutting beds are present, thereby eliminating the possibility of incorporating a downdraft style smoke capture system within the table itself. It is effective for the capture and control of smoke and gases directly at the source, thereby eliminating the need for ambient exhaust systems which are ineffective at controlling the smoke generated at the table, yet very costly to operate as they exhaust thousands of CFMs of heated air from the shop.


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Brake grinding dust collectors

Brake grinding operations generate fine metallic dust particles, which are an inherent breathable danger to the operator as well as a nuisance dust within the tool room.  Our dust collection systems are designed to capture and control the dust at the source before becoming airborne, thus providing a safe, clean working environment.


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Mist collectors

Designed primarily for the capture and control of coolant and machining oils that, if left untreated, pose a very real health and safety hazard for any industrial environment. A certain safety concern if inhaled, these problematic mists and vapors cause slippery floors and drastically increase cleaning and maintenance costs, all the while creating an unpleasant and dangerous workplace.

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Oil mist separator

The oil-mist separator eliminates messy oil leaks caused by excess liquid in the system or oil leaking from flex-hoses connected to the machinery.


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MAX POWERAIR powerful blower/motor assemblies are designed for quiet and efficient air handling that render these fans useful for a variety of air moving applications.

Strong steel fan housings along with reinforced aluminum backward inclined blower wheels make the MAX POWERAIR fans suitable for low to high-pressure applications where dust, fumes or other similar contaminants need to be transported efficiently.


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We offer a wide range of fans and blowers to suit most any commercial or industrial air handling applications with products suited from exhausting clean ‘hot’ air from a building to material handling applications.


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