by | Apr 24, 2015 | Case studies

Texas Electronics was called by a Chevrolet dealership in Eastern Ontario. Here is the problem they were experiencing and how we fixed it….

Problem: How can the air be changed in a garage?

As a requirement to meet health and safety regulations, garages and manufacturing facilities require that the air be changed a certain number of times per hour based on specific types of activities being performed. At a new Chevrolet dealership in Eastern Ontario, 4 air changes per hour were required to meet the local code. Where winter presents challenges to control the incoming fresh air temperature, simple motorized louvers cannot be used and require something more elaborate.

Solution: Installation of an AIRJET Air Replacement Unit

The photo above shows an AIRJET Air Replacement Unit with a flexible discharge air tube that allowed the customer to meet the requirements. The AIRJET complete with modulating dampers (fresh air and recirculation) affords the luxury of bringing the fresh air from outside and mixing it with the warm heat trapped at the ceiling, thus providing a comfortable discharge temperature from the inflated air tube. To complete the air exchange process a separate exhaust component and gas detector are needed.